Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Corset Training Journey - Month 1

So I have been breaking in my corset for the past week or so and I am so pleased with my corsets, I received my corset's from Orchard Corset over a week ago, I got the steel-boned-underbust-corset-in-pinstripe-cs-411 in a size 28 and the
steel-boned-underbust-satin-corset-cs-305 also in a size 28 and I have been "seasoning" them /breaking them in so they can adjust to my body. The seasoning period is a must, I had on my corset's for 1 and a half to 2 hours daily for 7 days before I officially started my corset training on day 9. I needed a rest day (I had worked out) but yes it has started and I am wearing my corset for up to 4-6 hours a day now and it has adjusted very nicely to my natural waistline because of the breaking in period.
I know a lot of you ladies can't wait to start corset training once you receive your corsets in the mail but lacing up your corset all the way closed on the first day can damage it, and you wearing a corset for a long period of time the first day might not be a very good idea for your health if your body is not use to it .

I must say that my corsets from Orchard Corset are very comfortable and very sturdy . A great corsets for beginner like my self. I can move around freely do my daily house chores with out feeling stiff.
I'm happy that Fall/Winter is close , it will be so much more easier to hide my corset while going out.
You may show of your corset if you like but for now I will hide them .

How do you pick out a corset?

Well I started by the length of my Torso, which is not very long . So I got a shorter length corset for my short torso. Now for the waist your suppose to choose a corset that is 4-6 inches smaller then your natural waist. My natural waist is  31-32 inch so 28 was perfect for me.
Use a tape measure to find your natural waist , we are all shaped differently so the small of your waist can be higher or lower depending on your body type.
Take the tape measure, relax and put it around the smallest part of your waist while standing in front of a mirror this helps you see that the tape is in the smallest part of your waist. Now measure using inches, what ever number you get that is your natural waist size so you will choose a corset 4-6 inches smaller then your self.

The goal is the be able to close the corset completely over time, corseting is not for those who are in a rush, you have to have patience . For some it my take 6 months to close a corset for others  a couple of months, remember we are all different.

What is my goal waist size?

Well like I mentioned I have my corsets in size's 28 so for now my goal is a 28 inch waist and  once I close this bad baby up I will move on to a 24 inch corset. I will stop at 24 inches unless I change my mind.
Right now I can cinch/lace down to 30 inches I have about 3 inches of space between my closure in the back which is perfectly fine for me. I think I will be able to close this corset by December !
picture 1 is the day I received my corset and  2 is just a regular day of wear, 3 is wearing my corset out  and 4 is today! notice the top part of my corset is not as wide as pic number 1.
I love my weight don't get me wrong I just want my waist back after having 3 kids I actually lost all my baby weight but I moved to the country side and there is not much to do out here so I gained weight in my stomach which I do not like. I am not only corset training I am also using my elliptical every other day and doing abs work outs. No I do not wear my corset while working out, not recommended at all.
but I do use a waist belt that has rubber in it, helps you sweat and lose water weight.

I also drink herbal tea that has pro-biotic in it, this helps with you know what, the brand tea I am using is bigelow tea herb plus probiotics,lemon and ginger it is a very good tea I drink it 1-2 times a day. I also noticed that I can't over eat when I have my corset on, which is great!

Here are some pictures of what my corsets look like : this one is the 411 style , I use it mainly for corset training, it gives more of a coke bottle shape then the 305.

This one is the 305 style it is less curvy then the first one, but can still be used for waist training it has a more modest looking waist, if I can say that not too dramatic but you still get a defined waist when you put it on.
Here are some helpful links to corset training :
I will post another Corset update in a week!
Hope this post was helpful in some way!


  1. Great info...thanks for sharing

    1. Please keep us updated! I've started again today and world love to see your progress.

    2. yes I will...I have only two inches to close now! yay!