Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Bronzer and Blushes from Black Opal Beauty !

So I have waited for a while for Black Opal to come out with blushes, and some sort of a highlighting powder. I was hoping for blushes and highlighters/bronzer because I felt like it was missing.
So they recently revealed their new blushes and a bronzer to the Black Opal brand.
I can now say my wait is over! but I think I want more!
So now what about these new products?
Well they added 2 new baked blushes to the brand, here are pictures of the blushes and swatches:

                                                          " Rose Gold" Baked Blush
                                                               "Nectar" Baked Blush

                                                    And here is the new Bronzer "FIJI"
Great thing about baked blushes is that you can use them wet!
(and no I don't mean pour water on it, just lightly spray you blush brush then dip and blend away)
I do love the colors they came out with just wished that there were more then two colors, but that's just me.
The Rose Gold blush is very nice for the Autumn season, the Nectar I would use more for Spring/ Summer time because it is much more of a bright pink color.
The bronzer is very pretty not too much glitter, it gives a very nice glow that looks more natural then when you use something with glitter or more shimmer in it, its more of an everyday bronzer highlight in my opinion. The bronzer and blushes are also very blendable . Only con is the limited colors =(

So hopefully in time they can add more colors to their new blush line maybe an orange tone? purple toned one? just giving some idea's, and for the bronzer hopefully they can develop a darker one that can be used by women of darker complexions.

I am still hoping they develop foundation for fare skinned women, I think that will be awesome!

Thank you for reading!

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