Sunday, July 6, 2014

REVEALED 2 palette by Coastal Scents

    First of all I want to say I am so happy that Coastal Scents decided to do a part two to the first revealed palette which I love! But this one, guys this one is a winner and I love it to pieces it has amazing pigmentation and the colors are just all very wonderful. I love that it has more mattes in this one then it does in the first one I love the rosy shades and the neutrals along with some warm colors it's the perfect palette for some one who just likes the everyday glam look or someone who likes neutrals but with a kick you know. It's not a boring neutral palette it makes you want to go a lil' extra!

       Look at it!! is it not beautiful?!

Here are some swatches for your enjoyment,every swatch is true to color!
You know these colors are gorgeous!
My only thing would be for them to name the colors even if it's1,2,3 you know but that's just me .Other then that I have no issue's with this beauty it is a master piece! Good job Coastal scents! I highly recommend getting this palette it is a must have!  
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Thank you for reading that is all for now, this palette was sent for review and I only give my honest opinions on any product I receive for review.