Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ruby Woo Red Glitter lips and video tutorial below!

      This was a requested lip tutorial by one of my amazing instagram followers, I created this beautiful glitter lip using MAC's Cherry lip liner and MAC's Ruby Roo lipstick .

The glitter I used is from and I used some lash grip to keep that glitter from going all over the place and some elf lock and seal to give it a extra layer of security.

Here is the tutorial to these gorgeous lips!
If you try out these lip let me know how it went! 
It's very safe it you do it correctly and use cosmetic grade glitter only!
 Have fun loves!

New Black Opal Matte Lipsticks + swatches

These are the new matte lipsticks from Black Opal Beauty ,they introduced them earlier this year and I am honored that I was the first one to review and swatch these beauties! They are very bright in color which I love this is just showing me that Black Opal is moving in the right direction. Now every one these days wants a bright colorful lipstick so I am very proud of them for taking notice of the new trends in 2014!

Jazz berry, sassy, fashion fuchsia, vampy red ,atomic flame
  swatches :
The lipsticks are more of a moisturizing matte formula they have some shine but not too much ,they are not drying in any way and they go on oh so smoothly.
The lipsticks also have a fruity scent to them which I don't mind but some might not like it ,it does fade out after a few minutes of wearing the lipstick . I do wish that the purple shade (jazz berry) was a bit more pigmented because I feel like it looks so amazing in the tube but the color pay of is not totally there. Sassy is a beautiful pastel pinkish shade it goes on nicely and the color pay off is very good. Fashion Fuchsia is such a gorgeous color for spring or summer! it is the right kind of bright for those who are not brave enough for the neon or pastel lip trend. Vampy Red is just a beautiful blue toned red lipstick ,it's name might make you think that it might be on the darker side but this is a perfect everyday red for the everyday woman. Atomic flame is also a color which I think would be great for those ladies who are not ready yet to go all the way out with he neon orange lips it's a perfect burnt orange color and has great pigmentation.
Here are some new shades I was sent this week they include two new nude shades which I am loving ladies! I can't even describe how excited I am over these nudes hoping they make more!
in the buff ,iris, rich red, hint of pink
These colors are very pigmented , so no complaints about that and the nudes are so beautiful I do hope Black Opal Beauty makes more maybe in some warmer and cooler tones that would be awesome!
So the first shade , In The Buff is such a great nude color I think it would look great on fair ,medium and richer skin tones you might want to pair a lip liner along with it just to blend it in nicely. Iris reminds me of a brighter version of Mac's Up The Amp , it has great pigmentation. Here is a comparison pic of Mac's Up The Amp and Iris
Black Opal Iris on bottom and Mac's Up The Amp above

Like I said a brighter version of MAC's Up The Amp, not an exact dupe but close.

The next shade is Rich Red , now this red is just wow and the name is perfect for the shade its a darker red then the Vampy Red and it's a much richer color , it has more blue undertone to it then Vampy Red does. This shade would be perfect for a classy cat eye look.
The next shade is Hint Of Pink , it's a great color can come off a bit pasty on medium to richer skin tones but you can use a lip liner to tone it down.
 Well that is it for this post , I do recommend getting these beautiful lippies and you might want to get a brown lip liner or a flesh tone liner for those lovely nudes!
(lipsticks were sent for review from Black Opal Beauty)