Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Urban Decay VICE 3 palette review and swatches!

Hi loves , so I just got my Urban Decay Vice 3 palette and I must say I love the fun packaging , very out of this world in a good way!
The size of the palette is pretty much the same size as the last Vice palette and you get 20 colors a mixture of mattes, shimmers and satin finish eye shadows. The palette retails for $60 which is not bad considering the price of the Naked palettes which do not carry as many colors.
So here is a look of the palette on the out side :

Pretty right?! Just love the design of it.
Now here is a look on the inside of the palette :
Here you can see all of the swatches:
I did do a full review video on my channel which includes swatches and my opinions on this palette you can see that here:
This palette was not sent to me by Urban Decay.
It was bought by me with my own funds.
I only give my honest opinions on any products I review.
Also don't forget to check out my last tutorial :

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wet n` Wild All Access Beauty LIMITED EDITION eye shadow Trio's + Swatches

Hey loves , look what I found in the Christmas Tree shop?!

I did not know about these new beauties until I accidentally walk into the display in the store !! And so glad I did! ha!
Okay so these are from the new All Access Beauty collection.
I did not even know they came out with anything new!
But anyhow the eye shadows come in a sleek case with 3 shades. It's a mix of bright colors ,pastels and neutrals. The palette retails for about $1.99-$2.99 depending on where you get them. Wet and wild eye shadows and products are sold in most popular drug stores like ,Rite Aid, Walgreens, Duane Read etc. You can even buy them on some online drug stores.
Below I have swatches of each palette I picked up.
"Something to Rave About"
"Lost My Wristband"

 "No Scalpers Allowed"

"Sun -Set to See"
"Standing-My Camp Ground"

"Who's Car pooling?"

I hope these swatches and this post was helpful to you in some way!! I can not wait to create some amazing looks with these beauties! summer is not over yet! so I still have time to play in my bright colors!
 Good luck on the hunt for these =) I hope you can find them or walk into them like I did!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Exfolimate REVIEW.

Hi loves! so a few weeks ago I received the Exfolimate to try out and to basically make a blog post about my experience using it.

So lets get right to it , this is how it looks very simple nothing too complicated! It has these very small "ridges" on the end of the blade , the blade is not sharp! just so you know .The "ridges" scrape off the dead skin cells that are left on the body.

I actually enjoyed using this at night in the shower! I used it daily to keep my skin smooth . It works pretty well I like how simple it is, there are no wires or batteries that you need.  Just take the exfolimate and glide it on the parts of your body you want to exfoliate.  
It comes in a set of two one for the face and one for the body.
So far I am loving this product I feel like I'm in some sort of a spa when using this, just be sure to use it while showering in my opinion it feels like a exfoliating light massage !
It also comes with these accessories to hang them up in the bathroom when your done using them!
I'm really enjoying this product ,when I have a long day , I can just take a long hot show and get a light massage with a bonus exfoliation session!
My only thing would be for it to have some sort of grip for the fingers  , it slid out my hand a couple of times .
Well that was it for my review/opinions on this product I only give my honest opinions on anything I use. Item was sent for review.
You can find this item by going to  http://www.exfolimate.com/
It is also sold in some drug stores and retails for $29.99.
Thank you again for reading!

Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey there beauties! I am so excited to share these beautiful vivid eye shadows with you all. The brand is Colour Pop and they want you to have fun with colors and neutrals! I was contacted by them to try out their eye shadows so I picked out some really pretty bright colors and one dark color.
Here is how it arrived :
         So this box came in a box , yes in a bigger box! it was packaged so well it shows how much pride they have in their product. It was like precious cargo! Ok so now to the actual packaging before you get to the goods!

I love the colors they chose for this packaging/box ,very bright and vibrant. The packaging is also very sturdy it is not a cheap piece of card board it can be kept for a long time. I also love the personalized card that was inside of the box it just made it a lil' more sweet and personal.
Alright ,alright, alright time to finally see these beautiful shadows!
Here they are:
They are too cute! in this lil' box ^_^
Their names from top :
slave2pink , glowstix , rex
Bottom row:
mermaid kiss, fizz , sour
Here are some close ups for you all to see the glitter and textures by the way the textures of the shadows are very nice, soft feeling and not stiff.
"Mermaid Kiss"


 Here are swatches of all the shadows with out any base/primer.
a look I did using "rex"
I am loving the textures of the shadows so soft and so bright and very pigmented , the shadows do not crease so adding primer will just be a added security to keep them in place.
I did notice that it takes a lil' work to get it completely off the eyes so use make up remover before washing you face.
I can not wait to show you all the look I created using these beauties on my YouTube channel!
For now loving the first 6 colors I got to try from Colour Pop very impressed with their presentation and the quality of their shadows.
Make sure to check them out on instagram !
Well that is all for now!
(products mentioned in this post were sent free of charge for review purposes ,I only give my honest and true opinion on any product I receive for review, this was not a paid review)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The NUDES by maybelline - Review and swatches!

   So I came across this cute little palette while in the beauty section in my local Walmart I actually hesitated on buying it and didn't buy it the first time I saw it but I figured hey why not I'll get it the next time I'm here I'm sure one of my subscribers will ask for a review!So I ended up buying the new "The NUDES" palette came home all excited and ready to use this new baby!The palette has a lot of taupe's , mattes, and some shimmery/satin finish shades in it which look really nice and "wearable it retails for $10.

         "The NUDES" palette from Maybelline

So I tried the palette out and I was having a hard time with the pigmentation of some of the shades in the palette even with primers . Some were pretty okay and some just were not doing it for me. I tried trust me I did, I don't give up that easy on Drug store make up , I always try to make it work!

Here are the swatches :
Some of the colors are much pigmented then others , some just will not show up like the black shade which I swatched 3 times in one spot just to get it to show up. The shimmer shades show up much better, but I'm thinking since this palette has a name like NUDE maybe they weren't going for those high pigmentations.
It's a nice palette for beginners or women who don't really want their make up to look too bold. The colors are very subtle not something I personally like but it would be great for those who like subtle looks. Like the "no make ,make up look" for example.
So is it worth it? well if your more into the "no make up" look this palette is for you.
I hope this was a helpful post I bought this palette with my own funds ,all opinions are of my own. 

REVEALED 2 palette by Coastal Scents

    First of all I want to say I am so happy that Coastal Scents decided to do a part two to the first revealed palette which I love! But this one, guys this one is a winner and I love it to pieces it has amazing pigmentation and the colors are just all very wonderful. I love that it has more mattes in this one then it does in the first one I love the rosy shades and the neutrals along with some warm colors it's the perfect palette for some one who just likes the everyday glam look or someone who likes neutrals but with a kick you know. It's not a boring neutral palette it makes you want to go a lil' extra!

       Look at it!! is it not beautiful?!

Here are some swatches for your enjoyment,every swatch is true to color!
You know these colors are gorgeous!
My only thing would be for them to name the colors even if it's1,2,3 you know but that's just me .Other then that I have no issue's with this beauty it is a master piece! Good job Coastal scents! I highly recommend getting this palette it is a must have!  
By the way you can drop by my YouTube channel for a cool tutorial and another review of this palette!!!
Thank you for reading that is all for now, this palette was sent for review and I only give my honest opinions on any product I receive for review.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ruby Woo Red Glitter lips and video tutorial below!

      This was a requested lip tutorial by one of my amazing instagram followers, I created this beautiful glitter lip using MAC's Cherry lip liner and MAC's Ruby Roo lipstick .

The glitter I used is from rc-cosmetics.com and I used some lash grip to keep that glitter from going all over the place and some elf lock and seal to give it a extra layer of security.

Here is the tutorial to these gorgeous lips!
If you try out these lip let me know how it went! 
It's very safe it you do it correctly and use cosmetic grade glitter only!
 Have fun loves!