Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey there beauties! I am so excited to share these beautiful vivid eye shadows with you all. The brand is Colour Pop and they want you to have fun with colors and neutrals! I was contacted by them to try out their eye shadows so I picked out some really pretty bright colors and one dark color.
Here is how it arrived :
         So this box came in a box , yes in a bigger box! it was packaged so well it shows how much pride they have in their product. It was like precious cargo! Ok so now to the actual packaging before you get to the goods!

I love the colors they chose for this packaging/box ,very bright and vibrant. The packaging is also very sturdy it is not a cheap piece of card board it can be kept for a long time. I also love the personalized card that was inside of the box it just made it a lil' more sweet and personal.
Alright ,alright, alright time to finally see these beautiful shadows!
Here they are:
They are too cute! in this lil' box ^_^
Their names from top :
slave2pink , glowstix , rex
Bottom row:
mermaid kiss, fizz , sour
Here are some close ups for you all to see the glitter and textures by the way the textures of the shadows are very nice, soft feeling and not stiff.
"Mermaid Kiss"


 Here are swatches of all the shadows with out any base/primer.
a look I did using "rex"
I am loving the textures of the shadows so soft and so bright and very pigmented , the shadows do not crease so adding primer will just be a added security to keep them in place.
I did notice that it takes a lil' work to get it completely off the eyes so use make up remover before washing you face.
I can not wait to show you all the look I created using these beauties on my YouTube channel!
For now loving the first 6 colors I got to try from Colour Pop very impressed with their presentation and the quality of their shadows.
Make sure to check them out on instagram !
Well that is all for now!
(products mentioned in this post were sent free of charge for review purposes ,I only give my honest and true opinion on any product I receive for review, this was not a paid review)


  1. Those colors are gorgeous. Rex is giving me life right about now. Can't wait to see what look you create with these beauts Queenii!

  2. The package is so pretty. .an d colours a so vibrant an gorgeous..I want one of each..

  3. Those are pretty. The presentation is lovely.